Sunday, 31 July 2011

Specially Tips For Adsense Beginner

[1] Find long tail keywords with a CPC of atleast $2.00 and make sure these long tail keywords have the higher competition and searched for keywords within them. The Secret (Shhhh): Targeting the long tails will also target the higher level ones too. By the way, a long tail keyword is NOT how many words it has in the phrase. Long tails deal directly with how many searches it gets and these get less searches than higher level keywords and therefore less competition. And yes, a lot of these will only get 1-2 searches per day...USE THESE...but I guarantee most of you will not, because you dont know how to think outside of the box. That will be at your expense.

[2] Place your ads near the top of your pages, and get them off of the bottom spots. This will greatly increase Adsense CTR.

[3] Use double-block ads. (2 ad blocks right next to each other on a page)

[4] Maximize your use of the 336x280 ad block as this is one of the most popular and revenue generating ad blocks.

[5] Use a theme which makes it easy to incorporate your ads into the aesthetics of your website.

[6] If you have a search field on your site, replace this with an Adsense search bar. These are clicked less often but they do get used so take advantage everywhere you possibly can. Look up at this forum's search box in the top right corner. This is an Adsense search block used correctly.

[7] SEO your Adsense pages and site structure to bring even more targeted traffic in front of your ads. Google is very good at optimizing their ads for your pages when the content makes sense.


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