Monday, 18 July 2011

SEO Process Tips to Rank in 2011

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most trending word in online marketing. Google always keeps changing their algorithms and SEO Professionals will break their heads to run with the latest algorithms. Good SEO Professionals always suggest using White hat methods as they will help to stay longer in search engine results. Here are few white hat SEO tips to follow according to the latest search engine algorithms in 2011.
  1. Research and pick the right keywords which drive quality traffic, leads and conversions
  2. Analyze competitors who are running with success in similar business and checkout the methods they are following and the keywords they are optimizing
  3. Pick the right Domain extension based geo – targeted business like ‘.in’ for India, ‘.com’ for USA, ‘’ for UK etc.
  4. Plan a user& search engine friendly design & navigation with good link architecture
  5. Hire a professional content writer to write good quality content to catch user as well as search engine attention
  6. Plan different sub sections with relevant content for most targeted keywords
  7. Make sure that site has no broken links, timed out urls, high loading time etc. Tools like Xenu and extensions like Pagespeed, Yslow will help us to develop technically clean site.
  8. Use robots.txt file to block all unnecessary pages which are indexing by the search engines.
  9. Create Xml & HTML sitemap for users and search engines
  10. Submit Xml sitemap to search engines webmaster tools account and fix the errors if any
  11. Build only quality back links using White hat link building methods.
  12. Analyze traffic and plan or change the strategies to drive quality traffic which will convert to sales


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