Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Is your website fast enough?

Recently Google added one more product to its portfolio- Page Speed Service. As has been mentioned time and again, Google PageRank accords higher importance to web pages which have a faster download time. Thus Search Engine Optimization and faster download time go hand in hand.

To help web masters achieve this feat Google has come out with Page Speed Service. Currently offered for free to a limited set of webmasters, Google is planning to come out with a paid version of the same soon.

It has kept the whole process very simple and easy. When one signs up and points the site’s DNS entry to Google, it will enable Google to fetch content from the server on which the site is hosted and rewrite those pages according to web performance best practices. It then serves these pages from Google’s own servers.

The visitor does not see any changes except that the download time is reduced 25% to 60% (atleast that’s what Google claims).

From a webmaster point of view, he no longer has to bother about concatenating CSS, compressing images, caching and all the accompanying paraphernalia.

Critiques however believe that sharing data, specially credit card numbers and personal information of a customer, with Google might not be such a great idea. Also with upcoming technologies like Rails 3.1 and the available option of hosting a site on CDN, Page Speed Service becomes somewhat redundant.


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